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Ryuho Okawa
2,100 円(税込)


Ryuho Okawa's
UFOs Caught on Camera 2
Space Beings who Appeared Before the Modern Savior

UFOs Caught on Camera, employs Okawa's honed spiritual and physic ability to gather unprecedented information behind the intelligence, with vivid details of spacecraft configuration, the sector of origin, passenger description, and observable sentiment regarding Earth and its inhabitants. Includes photos of more than 50 types of UFOs and telepathic conversations with space beings.

Discern their shapes. Learn their intentions. Discover the objects traversing our skies.

I will leave it up to the readers to decide whether these images are genuine UFOs or not, but I believe I am the only Earthling who can use remote viewing to observe the inside of these UFOs and have direct conversations with space people.
    Ryuho Okawa, Afterword

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