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英語版『中国発・新型コロナウィルス 人類への教訓は何か』

北里柴三郎 R・A・ゴールの霊言

Ryuho Okawa
1,500 円(税込)

・通常配送無料 詳細

This book records spiritual messages from Shibasaburo Kitasato and R. A. Goal, which was recorded in March 2020.

Shibasaburo Kitasato, a bacteriologist who contributed to discovering diagnosis for plagues in the world, gave his opinion on the coronavirus from a professional perspective. In the spiritual message, he said, "The virus is highly likely to be man-made and used as a biological weapon. Eventually, the death toll in the world will..." Like so, he mentioned astonishing facts.

R. A. Goal, a space being, has revealed that it is closely associated with the outbreak of the coronavirus. This revelation was first introduced in Spiritual Reading of Novel Coronavirus Infection Originated in China in April this year. Furthermore, R. A. Goal relayed surprising facts about China's hidden intention behind this outbreak and predicted what would happen in the world, hinting at a pivotal point ... World War III has already begun.

Only when humanity learns what we are to learn from this coronavirus pandemic, can we escape this worldwide crisis and create a new age. We hope that you will take this opportunity to read this book and learn together - this is also the author's wish.