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Ryuho Okawa
1,500 円(税込)


Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ had made miracles such as healing diseases, but was then crucified and resurrected. Since then, his spirit has been listening to prayers from humankind and offering salvation and guidance from Heaven. However, over the course of history, churches have drifted from the heart of Jesus. So now, he has given answers to the problems in the modern world, not through the church, but through the religious master Ryuho Okawa, who has the high spiritual power to receive Jesus' words. This book is the record of the spiritual messages from Jesus given in April 2020, in which Jesus answered the cause, prospects, and coping strategies for the novel coronavirus pandemic.

According to Jesus, the coronavirus pandemic occurred as one of the apocalyptic phenomena planned for humans; it is a question asking them whether what they have done so far was right. A vaccine may not be produced immediately, but the important thing is for people to fire the spiritual power to defeat the evil thoughts of the dark forces that act on this virus.