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Ryuho Okawa
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Ryuho Okawa's The Real Exorcist: Attain Wisdom to Conquer Evil

A profound spiritual text backed by the author's nearly forty years of real-life experience with spiritual phenomenon. Since attaining Great Enlightenment in 1981, Ryuho Okawa has scribed a vast library of spiritual revelations from both Heaven and Hell, which endures today. Through diligent observation and discovery, Okawa correlated that the anomaly of spiritual disturbance is intimately tied with our state of mind - specifically the quality of happiness. With this insight, Okawa sought to teach how we may discern and overcome our negative tendencies, by acquiring the right knowledge, mindset and lifestyle.

According to Okawa, spiritual possession is a common occurrence that can be quelled with proper guidance. Okawa introduces the general characteristics of malignant spirits and the mindset to fall under their sphere of influence. Okawa explores the rite of exorcism, framed by the ritual used by Happy Science, and dissects the mechanism of spiritual disturbance to recognize subtle hints of control. These examples are juxtaposed with references to dramatized depictions of exorcism and possession in popular media. Okawa introduces a taxonomy of diverse spiritual beings - from animal spirits to demons - that prey on weakened states of mind and offers curated advice on how subdue them. Okawa outlines the diverse levels of faith and teaches how to gauge our awareness and strive for continuous spiritual progress.