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習近平vs.アグネス・チョウ 守護霊霊言

Ryuho Okawa
1,500 円(税込)


The withdrawal of the extradition bill will not mark the end.
A Hong Kong Revolution is starting.

The Hong Kong protests that are gathering the attention of the world. What is Xi Jinping plotting? How far is Agnes Chow, the Goddess of Democracy, willing to go? Their guardian spirits speak their intensions and reveal issues of conflict in this exciting new book!

The voice of Xi Jinping's Guardian Spirit: The Hong Kong demonstration will be cleansed by October 1st, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

○After Taiwan, China will aim for Okinawa, Philippines and Vietnam
○Making preparations before Taiwan's election; I will show them what will happen if they challenge China
○There is no freedom or human rights in China; sovereignty is for the ruler

The voice of Agnes Chow's Guardian Spirit: courage should be our slogan and overcoming fear is vital.

○If Japan's Self-Defense Forces and the US and British armies are dispatched to Hong Kong, we can continue fighting
○We intend to lead Hong Kong toward independence eventually