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Ryuho Okawa
2,000 円(税込)
IRH Press USA Inc.


Since antiquity, we have been warned of the danger of falling prey to Hell, but from a modern lens, does this post death existence ... exist? If so, who is destined to languish there?

Through remarkable spiritual discovery, Ryuho Okawa introduces Hell as only a small fragment of the vast Spirit World; however, more than half of the living is destined to go there. Why is this so? According to Okawa, modern ideals are a mishmash of misused freedoms that inevitably lead to poor choices. The purpose of religion is to guide souls away from harmful attenuations, but as ideologies clash, Hell continues to flourish.

The general notion of Hell is a dominion of eternal punishment. Certainly, an eternity should invite ample opportunity to atone, no? Okawa contends that Hell is, in fact, a finite abode. Through laborious trial and error, a soul that manages to break free from its entrenched limitations has a chance to earn redemption. Not an easy feat by any means, as Hell by its very nature cycles stagnation. Despite the remote chance of salvation, Hell should be avoided at all cost. To safeguard, Okawa encourages readers to be cognizant of the Spirit World and the common patterns of thought that invite Hell.

The initial chapters present a vivid depiction of the Netherworld with commentary by Okawa of the quality of soul consigned, at times undiscernible between terrorist or politician. In addition, Okawa recounts his own personal visitations to the nine types of Hell through somatic journey. In later chapters, Okawa offers advice to protect from common demonic threats and instills a concrete and effective practice to disconnect our mind from Hell and attune to Heaven.

With this text as your guide, you can live confidently with the decisions that you make as you pursue worldly success. Knowing that actions have consequences, embrace true salvation of your soul through constructive and mindful living.